My Last Day At GBCA

Hi all,

As you know I'm leaving GBCA to work on SportHold. As most of you know I'll be moving on to the world of startups. I have mixed emotions including the joy, terror, optimism, freedom and lightness at starting something new:

But when I think of the colleagues I'll leave behind I feel a lot of sadness:

I won't be doing this but it's how I feel:

As I'm sure you can all relate, working at any established organisation/company does leave you with moments where you feel (I'm probably the root cause of some of these moments myself):

But then, I'm sure that sometimes hearing me go on about the glory of Link Building, SEO or how amazing the data are in Google Analytics makes many in the office feel:

The hardest part will be not working with such a wonderful team:

Like I said, a lot of mixed feelings:

You've all been awesome to work with. Keep on doing the best you can do 24/7 to save the world and don't forget to relax and smell the roses from time to time. And when you run into any of the not-so-great stuff that's a part of working in any organisation then just remember:

And you best course of action is to:

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been awesome.


*drops mic*

*flies off into the sunset superman style*

*returns awkwardly to pick up toothbrush on Monday*

Christian Thurston


Oh, and FYI, Selandra Rise is a retirement community.