In Bangkok, March 2018

So, I just realized I never announced this publicly, although most of my friends already know.

In January I left San Francisco and Gigster. Now I'm living in Bangkok, I moved here a week ago. I'm trying it out to see how it goes.

I love SF but there were a few key reasons I had for leaving. Mainly, I just wasn't enjoying my life (reasons here, if you're curious).

So, what's next?

I spent two months in Sydney and I loved it. It was amazing. I was staying at my sister's apartment in Kirribilli with an awesome view of the bridge. She has just had her first kid and is moving out to the countryside, so I had the place to myself.

Summer was on so I could watch cricket, catch up with mates, and the social side of things was wonderful.


So, naturally, I moved to Bangkok. What? Why? Well, I still need to purchase my stock options from my last company, Gigster. It's no small amount of money.

When word got out amongst my close friends and colleagues that I was leaving Gigster I had a lot of inbound requests from people who wanted to work with me. So I took a few on and those clients are all based in the USA.

Financially this made the most sense and it's a place I've wanted to try living in for a while now.

I also want to pivot to building my own online products in the future and this should help me achieve that. The climate is good, there's better work life balance, I love the food and it's a pretty social place.

For now, it's just an experiment, we'll see how it goes. Ping me at if you want to connect.